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Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire
(according to EN ISO 13485:2003 procedures)

Dear Sirs!

Dear Valued Customer,

Ascor Med Sp. z o.o. places a high value on our customer satisfaction. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction.

Your wishes, expactations and opinions are very important to us, because they give us feedback on the quality of our products and services and help us find the right focus.

We would ask you to take a few moments to complete this survery which will help us in evaluating our current performance and improving it.

The supply of personal data is not necessary.

If you are end user please click here.

Score in the scale: 1-5:
1. Very bad
2. Bad
3. Satisfactory
4. Good
5. Excellent

; 1 . How do you evaluate ASCOR MED service?
a) before sale
b) at the time of delivery
c) after sales

2 . How do you evaluate ASCOR MED product in respect of:
a) ergonomics and aesthetics of the design
b) ease of use
c) reliability
d) technical specifications
e) legibility of user manual
f) packing
g) Other :

3 . Have the end-users of ASCOR MED products reported to you any unwanted or burdensome phenomena?

4. Schould the product, in your opinion, have any additional operation functions?
Yes No

If YES, which ones

5 . Which factors decided about the purchase of ASCOR MED product? (tick one or more)
brand easy of use technical specifications price conditions delivery time availability good comunication with ASCOR MED staff others
7. Would you recommend our product to your friends?
Yes No
8. Would you purchase ASCOR MED product again?
Yes No
9. Please use this space if you would like to comment further or make suggestions for improvement

Name / Job Title:
Entity address:
Country (obligatory!)
Many thanks for completing this questionnaire. Your time and comments are greatly appreciated.

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